Performance Rights

All accompaniment tracks and karaoke CDs purchased and/or downloaded from are to be used for live performances only. You may not duplicate the CD for distribution. Each person requiring personal use of the accompaniment track or karaoke CD is required to purchase an additional copy of the accompaniment track or karaoke CD. If a group (duet, trio, quartet, ensemble, praise team, choir, etc.) is using the accompaniment track and they only practice together and perform together, only one purchase of the accompaniment track or karaoke CD is required. If you downloaded your tracks or karaoke CDs or MP3 additional terms apply, found on our Download Agreement.

If you want to use an accompaniment track purchased from to record your own CD, you will need to contact the company/studio which owns the copyright, to arrange for leasing and/or recording. Information can be found in Recording & Leasing.

Although peer-to-peer file sharing programs may not be illegal, the uploading and sharing of copyrighted materials, whether for profit or not, is illegal. Downloading, uploading, and/or distributing copyrighted information without prior permission from the copyright holder is a violation of numerous state, federal and international laws. Violation of these laws will result in severe penalties, including imprisonment and fines. DON’T DO IT! Perform with a clear conscience, giving glory to God, who you sing for.

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