Uprooted and Planted

Are you ministering in the church you grew up in – or the town you were born in? I’d love to know how many answer “yes” to these questions. In our transit society, I think the numbers are few.

For many of us God has called us to another place – a place away from home that is unfamiliar. He uprooted us and replanted somewhere else to minister in His Name. Matthew 28 recorded what we know as the “Great Commission.” Jesus told the disciples to go and make disciples right there at home and then abroad.

God may keep you right where you are, or He may have plans to take you abroad to minister in His Name as you continue on your journey with Him.

Years ago, my husband and I experienced several uprootings. Job opportunities took us away from our hometown and home church, where we both were very involved in the ministry. With each move, we knew the Lord was calling us to a new place, but I had a difficult time letting go of the ministry I was in. My roots had grown deep and uprooting was difficult, yet I was filled with trust as God took us to a new location. We both learned much from the Lord and grew in ways we would not have grown if we had stayed in our familiar surroundings.

And with each move, He opened the doors for me to be involved in the music ministry and even grew my responsibilities in the ministry by putting me in front of people to minister to and point to Jesus. As of today, God has planted us in a wonderful ministry and has allowed us to put down roots. I am blessed beyond measure to work with a large group of musicians that I never would have known if we had not followed the Lord’s leading and allowed Him to uproot us and replant us somewhere new.

If you’re considering a move, an uprooting per se, remember, when God uproots, He also replants. Closely follow the Lord’s leading.

Let me caution you. Make sure you’re not trying to uproot yourself by leaving a ministry God has planted you in because of weariness or discouragement. Watch and step carefully by following His clear guidance. He may want you to stay right where you are by allowing those roots to grow deep. If He uproots, then allow Him to get you deeply planted in the music ministry in a new place.

Changing locations and jobs can be overwhelming. Finding a church in a new town can also be overwhelming, but it must be a priority. Remember, God has a way of both uprooting us and replanting us. If you’re being uprooted, follow His leading and get deeply planted in a new church by ministering through music, pointing others to Jesus, and making disciples in His Name