Take Care of Your Instrument

Have you ever considered that as a singer you have a handcrafted, completely original, one-of-a-kind instrument that God has given you? Your voice is your instrument; there is no one else in the world that has a voice like yours.

In His divine plan, God chose to create in you a voice that could sing – a voice that is unique to you. God has given you a special instrument, and He has entrusted the care and the use of this instrument to you for His honor and glory.

We are responsible for being good stewards of this musical instrument God has given each of us. But, how in the world do we do that? I mean, if you play a musical instrument, you that know there are certain things that must be done to keep that instrument in tip top shape like tuning, cleaning, protecting it from the elements, and so on. But, how do we take care of our voices?

One of the singers on the worship team I work with LOVES to go to football games. She loses herself in the games and almost always loses her voice too! She says that as she’s screaming for her team she hears me in her head telling her to STOP! Usually the game wins out over my voice in her head. Now, I’m not suggesting that we stop having fun – just use some common sense and take care of our voices.

My advice to you is two-fold. First of all, learn how to sing properly. If you have not had voice lessons, take a few to learn the techniques of singing correctly. Do some vocal exercises each day to keep your vocal chords in shape. Look at it as daily exercise – minus being in the gym.

Secondly, do some vocal warm-ups before you rehearse or perform. Just as you do some light stretching before running or working out, do the same with your vocal cords by warming them up before you sing. Basically, take care of your instrument. You’ll sing better if you do.

Now, let’s dig deeper. If God has gifted you as a singer, then honor the Lord with your voice. He made you to sing, so sing for Him and make the most of the opportunities that He sends your way. I love the passage in 2 Timothy 2:21 that calls us to “be a vessel for honorable use, set apart as holy…ready for every good work” (ESV). Give your voice to the Lord as a vessel for honorable use; set it apart as holy.

Do what you can to take care of your voice, and you will be ready for those opportunities that God places before you. Be a good steward of the instrument God has given to you.


Instructional Resources for developing and exercising the voice available here