Singing Strong Through the Entire Christmas Season

If you are involved in the music ministry at your church then you are probably very busy with rehearsals, preparing for all the wonderful Christmas services and programs that will going on around you. December will be filled with special music. But with all of that music you are learning, those extra rehearsals and the busyness of the season your vocal chords can get a bit strained.

I really wonder why Christmas music is written in such high keys! The bigger the arrangement the higher it goes. Those high keys can really do a number on your voice. All this can lend to some strained vocal cords during the Christmas season. Here are a few tips to help keep your voice healthy so you can go through the Christmas Season singing strong.

1. Do some vocal exercises each day. Just as you stretch your muscles to stay limber, do some vocal exercises to keep those muscles in shape – nothing crazy that will strain your voice, though.

2. We are entering the winter season. Temperatures are ever changing and gradually dropping. As it gets colder, do your best to avoid spending too much time outside in the cold. That cold air can lead to respiratory issues and before you know it, you’ve lost your voice.

3. If you are a football fan, be careful about all that screaming at the games. A game full of screams will rip up your voice. If you do over-do it, try some hot tea with honey and lemon. It works great on strained vocal cords.

4. And if you do catch a “winter bug” and end up with a sore throat, try gargling with warm salt water.

5. One more thing, rest your voice as much as possible right before your performance day, avoiding over-use.

Psalm 104:33 says, “I will sing to the Lord all my life; I will sing praise to my God as long as I live.” As a singer in the Lord’s service you have been entrusted with special instrument. Be a good steward of those vocal cords. Take care of them and commit to using your voice to sing to the Lord all your life. Let’s go through the Season singing strong.