Planning Ahead for Easter

I am one of those people who does not plan too far ahead. And when I do plan ahead, those plans are loose and flexible. Yes, I admit it! I can be a bit “last minute.” So for me to suggest that we do a little planning ahead for Easter seems a bit out of character.

But Easter Sunday is April 1 this year. And believe it or not, many singers are already choosing what they will sing. And many music ministers are putting together the music plan for their Easter Sunday services. So let’s do the same thing – planning ahead for Easter and get a head start.

Here are some song suggestions for you to consider. Since we’re planning ahead you will have the time to thoughtfully and prayerfully listen to each song and find just the right one for your voice. If you need to hear more than just the demo track to make your decision, then take the time to listen to the entire song on YouTube.

Worthy Is The Lamb by Hillsong – I mentioned this song recently and want to bring it to you again because I love it so much – Powerful lyrics and music! I have sung this one with a small group, full harmony, and what a message to sing! The track has key and background vocal options to fit any voice and preference.

Was It A Morning Like This by Sandi Patty – now you may be thinking there’s no way you could sing a Sandi Patty song. But this track has a variety of keys and background options to fit any voice, not just high soprano voices. It’s a perfect song to start an Easter service.

I’m Amazed by The Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir – if you’re looking for a song for a choir or a small group, this is it. You can put soloists on the verses and then fill the chorus with harmonies. This track offers a variety of keys also.

Calvary by Andrae Crouch – If you haven’t heard this one, just take a moment and listen!

Calvary Conquers It All by Gold City – for you Southern Gospel fans, this is it. The title says it all. This track also offers a variety of keys.

Behold The Lamb by David Phelps – you may not have a voice like David Phelps but this track offers a variety of keys. Powerful song with powerful words! Check it out.

No Greater Love by Rachel Lampa – possibly one of my all time favorites! What a message!

But For The Blood by The Hoppers – another Southern Gospel track for you to consider.

Were You There by Selah – You know the song – this one is perfect for a trio.

Jesus Paid It All by Fernando Ortega – a beautiful contemporary version of the old hymn.

It’s not too early to start researching and praying about what songs you’ll sing this Easter. And, I’ll have more suggestions for you in the coming weeks.