Decide to Sing and Watch Everything Go Wrong

Have you ever noticed that when you’re scheduled to sing almost everything seems to go wrong? I’m not sure why this is – whether it’s the enemy trying to interfere, a result of our own limitations or just simply life happening. Whatever the case, it’s a sure thing. No matter how well you plan, things never go exactly according to plan. Let me give you an example of what I’m talking about.

One of the singers on the worship team I work with recently sang in church. She was scheduled for this particular Sunday a month out so she had plenty of time to pick a song and rehearse. She began the process of choosing a song. However, she soon found that there was no accompaniment track available for her first song choice.

So, she decided she would like to sing a duet with another gal on our team. She chose the song, and they planned to sing together. Soon that fell apart because of family issues with the other singer. Finally, three days before she was scheduled to sing, she chose a song and learned it.

When she arrived for her sound check on Sunday morning, the air unit had broken; the auditorium was quite warm. Now, mix that with nerves, and you have some sweating going on! Then, there was a problem with the disc player; it simply would not read her track.

Just as she was starting to panic, another singer on the team remembered that she had a track of that same song in her car. She ran out to get it. The disc player had no problem reading that track, but it was a different version of the song by a different artist. So, a little revising was quickly done. By the time the service started, my friend was quite nervous but prayerfully ready.

When she stood to sing, the sound guy started the wrong track, the demo track. So, she stood there and stared at the audience, while he got to the right track and started the song. What happened next was so awesome. The song was about prayer – to humbly get down on our knees before the Lord and committing our way and our plans to Him.

As she began to sing, Holy Spirit seemed to settle down among us in that room. She sang tenderly. God used her song in a mighty way. Even though her plans seemed to fall apart, God’s plan was accomplished.

Can anyone relate to this story? Proverbs 19:21 says, “Many are the plans in the mind of a man, but it is the purpose of the Lord that will stand.“(ESV) Our best plans may crumble around us but God’s plan is always accomplished. So, the next time you’re scheduled to sing and everything seems to be going wrong, be encouraged that in the end God’s plan and His purpose will stand.