Christmas Program Suggestions

There are not many weeks left before we will be right in the middle of the Christmas Season. As it approaches, our “to-do” list will get longer and longer. Let’s make the decision now not to get overwhelmed by the rush of the season. Make preparations now so you won’t have so much to do at the last minute. Focus on what’s really important and let the other things go.

You may have the responsibility of putting together a Christmas program or you may just need to choose one song to sing for a Sunday in December. Either way we are here to assist and get you on your way to being prepared for the Christmas season.

One of my favorite ways to celebrate Christmas with my family is to be involved in a special Christmas program together. So let’s put together a program that includes all ages – a true church-wide family celebration of our Savior!

Every program needs a great opening song. Here’s one to check out…
Christmas Joy Medley (Praise Hymn Soundtracks) – this is a perfect song for an adult choir to sing. If your church doesn’t have a choir then gather together a small group and learn this song together.

Now let’s look at one to pull the youth in on (teens down to young kids)…
Christmas Is by Francesca Battistelli – we have talked about this song before and I highly recommend it.

How about a song for the children’s choir? Here’s my absolute favorite…
Happy Birthday Jesus by The Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir (HERE is the Daywind Kidz version) – Let the little ones sing first and towards the end add in the adult choir.

While this song is being sung have a Nativity Scene fill up the stage, using people in your congregation who aren’t involved in singing. Pull in as many people as you can for this. Even your little bitty children can be baby lambs and baby angels. This is a great song to include everyone.

Breath of Heaven by Point of Grace- a perfectly beautiful song for the ladies. Pull together a small group and let the harmonies flow.

Glorious Impossible by The Gaither Vocal Band – gather a group of men together who love to harmonize and let them sing this one.

If you have a strong female voice consider Mariah Carey’s version of O Holy Night.

If you have a strong male voice you may want to try David Phelps’ Joy, Joy.

Rejoice with Exceeding Great Joy by The Martins is a great option for a trio. The harmonies are tight. You will love it!

Now all we need is a song to close out the service. We Are The Reason by Avalon can be sung by a quartet or by a choir. It has a strong message and is a perfect song to end with.

Add some Scripture in between these songs and you will have a full Christmas program.

Now get your music and get busy with rehearsals!