Christmas Eve Communion Service Songs

Does your church have a Christmas Eve Communion Service? I know of many churches that do and the services are usually packed full. Most people, even those who don’t normally go to church, will try to get to a Christmas Eve service. If your church is having one and you need to find a song to sing for that particular service, I have a few suggestions for you. There are certain songs that just fit perfectly in a Christmas Eve Communion service because of the message of the song and also the music itself. Here are a few of my favorites…

Silent Night – A simple sweet song. We have the traditional version, the contemporary versiongospel version, and several others – do a search.

O Holy Night – The absolute perfect song for this service – A must for a Christmas Eve Communion Service! There are so many tracks available of this great song with each artist giving it their special touch. If you want the straight traditional version we have that also.

All is Well by Point Of Grace- this is such a beautiful song! I love the message and the harmonies – Another perfect addition for a Christmas Eve service.

Breath of Heaven by Amy Grant – If you haven’t done this one yet you should add it to your repertoire of Christmas songs. Instead of doing it solo, make it a trio and add in all those beautiful moving harmonies.

Beautiful Christmas Medley by Praise Hymn Soundtracks – is a medley of worship songs and Christmas songs put together in a beautiful track. This is a one that can be learned quickly!

Caroling Medley by Traditional – a medley of Christmas carols, use as a special then ask the congregation to join in.

Joseph’s Lullaby by MercyMe – Okay, here’s a great easy to learn song that you can pull together quickly for Christmas Eve.

Jesus Messiah by Chris Tomlin – in a variety of keys and background vocal options, this is a perfect communion song.

Hallelujah (Light Has Come) by BarlowGirl- this one has lots of key options and background vocal options to fit any voice and style. It’s a moving song with beautiful harmonies.

Jesus Saves by Travis Cottrell – a powerful song and a great ending to a worship service on Christmas Eve.

We Are The Reason by Avalon – looking for a trio or quartet? This is it! Break the verses down as solos, join together on the chorus and you’ll have a powerful song ready for your Christmas Eve.

Okay, there’s a list of songs that would be great for your Christmas Eve service. Check them out. I would love to hear what song you choose to sing.