Yes, You’re Singing, But are You Effective?

Point blank question: Do you think that your music ministry is an effective ministry? Before you answer, let me share a sweet story with you.

Some time ago I received a phone call from an older lady in my church. She had a terminal illness and was in her last days on earth. She wanted to talk with me about her funeral service, and the music she wanted sung. Struggling to speak, she began to list song after song that the singers in my church have sung over the past few years – songs that truly ministered to her.

She wanted her funeral service to be a praise and worship service with all these songs that have led her into worship. She gave a list of songs with the specific singer who was to sing each song. I was amazed! You see, when these singers prepared these songs and sang them in church, they didn’t realize how they were ministering to this dear lady. Their music ministry was effective yet, they had no idea.

This dear saint went on to share with me that a trio of teenage girls had come and had sung at her bedside the night before. They sang a few old hymns – songs they knew she would know and love. She said as they sang she felt as if she were in the Lord’s Presence. Their simple ministry through music was effective.

I share this story with you to encourage you in your music ministry, and to remind you of the ministry that we as musicians often unknowingly have to those who are listening. The singers that ministered to this lady were available and faithful to serve. God used each of them to effectively encourage and bless her.

So, how about your ministry? Is God using it to minister to others? I encourage you not to judge the effectiveness of your music ministry by the applause you may or may not receive or the number of pats on the back. Ask yourself this one question: Am I available to serve in the opportunities God gives me?

We can’t make our ministry effective; God doesn’t put that burden on our shoulders. He asks us to be available, and He will make our work effective. Ask God to give you opportunities, and then faithfully serve through your gift of music. Remember, Sunday morning isn’t the only time you can sing. Go visit the sick, the homebound, or the jailed and sing to them about the love of Jesus.

God has plans for your music and good works set aside for you to undertake. Be available and faithful to serve through your music in whatever opportunity God puts before you, and your music ministry will be an effective one.