Mother’s Day Song Suggestions

Mother’s Day is just a few weeks away. Perhaps your church will have special Mother’s Day services or special music to honor the Mothers in the congregation. If you’ve been asked to sing the special music on Mother’s Day I’m going to help you find a sweet song to honor those moms in the congregation.

Here are my top Mother’s Day song suggestions.

How Could I Ask For More by Lauren Talley
This song is recorded as a solo with several key options to fit any voice. A while back I helped a small group of teens learn this song to honor their mothers and there wasn’t a dry eye in the place! This is such a sweet song and is suitable for a solo or a small group.

Midnight Oil by Philips, Craig and Dean
This song is available with key options and background vocal options. It’s a great song to do as a trio with beautiful harmonies!

Prayer Warrior by Heirloom
I love the lyrics to this song! If you have been blessed with a mother who prays for her children then this song will touch your heart. The track is available with key options to fit any voice.

In My Daughter’s Eyes by Martina McBride
If you are a mother with a daughter and will be singing on Mother’s Day, choose this song! The track has key options to fit any voice.

Thank You by Ray Boltz
This may seem like an unlikely song for Mother’s Day but it is a perfect song to sing as a “thank you” to the mothers in the congregation! This track has all the options – background vocals and key options.

Find Us Faithful by Steve Green
Here’s another unlikely Mother’s Day song. These lyrics are a call to faithful endurance and can be challenging words of encouragement to the mothers. This track has plenty of key options and background vocal options to fit any voice.

A Baby’s Prayer by Kathy Troccoli
Check this one out as another option. It has key options available to fit most voices.

She Loved by Jeff and Sheri Easter
This song is a beautiful duet! It would be a great choice for a mother and daughter to sing on Mother’s Day. The lyrics speak of desiring to leave a legacy of loving others well. The track is available with key options and background vocal options.

Take a few moments and check out my Mother’s Day song suggestions. The lyrics to these songs are honoring, the tracks have key and background vocal options and are beautifully written.

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