Last-minute Mother’s Day Selections

Mother’s Day is this Sunday. Some of you may be working on a special Mother’s Day song to sing in church. I know there will be many special songs and words shared this Sunday to honor all the mothers.

Whether you’re scheduled to sing in a church service this Sunday or not, I want to encourage you to make the most of this Mother’s Day. If you are blessed with still having your mother here on this earth then make sure you spend some time with her. I’m speaking as one whose sweet mama is in Heaven now. Make the most of the time that you have and bless your mother. Go visit her. Sit and talk with her. If your mother is elderly, offer to brush her hair or paint her fingernails and sing some old hymns together while you do that. Time spent together is priceless!

There are many ways that you can use your musical gifts to honor and encourage your own mother and other mothers, especially elderly mothers. Nursing homes are full of dear elderly women who are lonely. What a way to show the love of Christ – by visiting with, talking with and singing with some elderly women this weekend. Let them know that Jesus loves them and you want to show His love by visiting with them. You’ll be blessed and they will be blessed.

Another way to use your musical gifts and encourage someone this Mother’s Day weekend is look for a young mother with her hands and home full with small children. Offer to babysit and let her get out of the house. Sing with the children. Teach them a new song about Jesus. Or offer to handle the music in children’s church this Sunday and let some of the regularly scheduled moms have the opportunity to sit in the church service. That would be an encouragement to some tired workers!

Now, if you get a last-minute call to sing in a Mother’s Day church service here are a couple of songs that are easy to learn and easy to sing.

My Mama’s Prayer by Heirline
Has multiple key options for any voice. It has a simple melody and great words – a good choice for a last minute song.

Train Up Your Children by Dallas Holm
Is another simple melody that can be done as a trio without background vocals or a solo with the background vocal option.

Press On by Selah
May be unlikely Mother’s Day song but the lyrics are perfect to encourage mothers to faithfully press on as they raise their children for the Lord. The track is available in a variety of keys and background vocal options.

Happy Mothers Day to all you dear mamas out there! I hope you are blessed with sweet family time this weekend and that you take hold of the opportunity to make the most of this Mother’s Day.

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