Navigating Christwill’s New Website

We officially launched our new website on June 13, 2019. Now your shopping experience is updated and mobile-friendly.

In the redesign, we tried very to keep the navigation very similar to the classic website to help ease the transition. Here’s a quick overview of a few changes and how to find your way.

This guide is specifically about the DESKTOP version of our site, as the classic site was not useable on mobile platforms.

  1. My Account – Here you can access your previous orders & downloads, available coupons (NEW), items you’ve “Saved for Later” (NEW!), your support tickets (NEW!), gift cards (NEW!) and edit your information.
  2. Shopping Cart – Same
  3. Saved for Later – This replaces the Wishlist from the old website. You can now save items here. They are viewable from the Cart page and can be moved easily to and from this list.
  4. Search – Which functions similarly to the previous site. We’ve now added the ability to narrow your search by Category.
  5. Home – Same
  6. Browse by Category – Same
  7. Browse by Artist – Same

Classic Website

New Website

Have a look around and don’t be afraid to explore. You’re going to find a few new perks, like the Quick Cart. You now have the option to purchase a Lifetime Download Licence for only .99 cents more. No need to enter your billing address when you purchase downloads. And links to your downloads are now included in your order confirmation email.

We trust these upgrades will help you find, purchase, receive and use our products. As always, if you need assistance, use our Support Ticket System and we’ll be back with an answer as quickly as possible.

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