Encourage Your Fellow Musicians

If you’re in the music ministry in your local church, you have probably experienced the like-mindedness and bond that fellow musicians share. Being a musician, I can honestly say that most of us musicians are a “different breed.” We have a lot of quirks, and our creative brains can often seem like a vast wilderness to someone who’s not a musician.

Maybe that’s why musicians flock together – we understand each other. We understand how music touches the soul, and we understand how music feels because we feel it in every cell of our being. As Christian musicians, we are bonded together in our music ministry for the Lord Jesus Christ. Now, our like-mindedness can sometimes make us butt heads. But just as siblings have to deal with sibling rivalry, we must recognize it and strive to work together for the good of the Body.

In the Body of Christ, God has given gifts that are to be used to edify the Body. I like to think that musicians are the vocal cords of the Body. In the human body, our vocal cords work together to make beautiful tones as we sing. In the Body of Christ, musicians work together in the music ministry of the local church to lead in worship and praise of our Savior. We focus hearts and minds on Him and encourage and build up in the faith. To accomplish this great work, we need each other!

I work with a large group of musicians in my church. This group meets together to pray each Sunday morning. They are not only my brothers and sisters in Christ, but they are also my dear friends. We encourage each other in the Lord. We pray for each other. If one is carrying a heavy load, we help carry it. If one is rejoicing, we rejoice with him. We need each other to accomplish the work God has called us to. I Thessalonians 5:11 says “Therefore encourage one another and build one another up, just as you are doing.” (ESV)

So, I want to encourage you, my fellow musicians, to do just that. Get the musicians in your church together and pray for each other. We understand each other’s struggles in the ministry. When someone is scheduled to sing, pray with them. No matter how seasoned the musician, there will always be a little nervousness before singing. Pray with the scheduled singer. Be open and transparent with one another. Find songs to sing together. That’s always a bonding experience. Buy a song for a fellow musician to sing and give it as a gift. Every singer loves to get a new song.

Also, encourage each other in the faith and carry one another’s burdens. The music ministry in your church will be strengthened as you encourage and build up your fellow musicians.