Did That Just Happen?

Have you ever been on stage singing a song when a sound comes out of your mouth that startles you? You’re not sure whether it was a hiccup, your voice just cracked or you may have just burped a little! You continue singing, thinking “maybe no one else heard it but me?”

Or as you are singing, you get a terrible tickle in your throat that demands your attention. All you can do is stop to cough and cough. Or for some reason you begin to feel like you’re going to drown in your own spit while you’re singing. Or, all of a sudden your mouth is so dry you can’t go on. Oh the stories I could tell.

I’ll go ahead and answer the questions with YES! I think we should all answer together with a collective YES!

And most of us have probably walked off the stage thinking, “did that really just happen?” The funny thing is – these are things that you can’t prepare for! Your preparation includes choosing a song, rehearsing that song and coming with your heart prepared to minister through music. Your voice is rested and ready. You’ve asked the Lord to use you and minister to those that are listening as you sing. You come as a willing servant ready to do the work God has placed before you to do. But who can prepare for a hiccup or a voice cracking or a belch or a tickle in your throat or too much spit or chronic dry mouth that comes on suddenly? No one!

Nerves can be the cause or allergies or gulping that water quickly before you step on the stage to sing.

But honestly, most of the time the common factor is that we are human. And as humans, we tend to find ourselves in situations where all we can do is laugh and keep going.

I have a friend who is a gifted musician. He told me once that he strives for perfection in his music. As noble as that may be, I disagree with him. I believe we should strive to do our best.

Perfection is a standard we will never meet on this earth. It can limit and even steal your joy in your ministry if that’s your goal. Strive to do your absolute best for the Lord and leave the imperfections at His Throne. As you’re obedient to do the work He’s called you to He will grow you in your gifts and talents and your best will rise to new heights through Him. His enablement is what we seek, not our own perfections.

So when you find yourself asking, “Did that really just happen?” laugh it off. Don’t take yourself too seriously. Don’t be afraid to have a good belly laugh at yourself every once in a while.

Most importantly, strive to do your best and leave the rest in God’s trustworthy hands.